Fantom Soars: Here’s Why These Altcoins May Take Off in ’23

• Fantom (FTM) has rallied hard in the last few days and is now sitting on gains of around 180% this year.
• The surge in Fantom’s price has been aided by a massive influx of new investors, according to crypto analytics firm Santiment.
• Investing in the token presale of a great crypto project is one of the best ways to generate return in crypto, such as Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG).

Fantom Price Explodes

Fantom (FTM), the cryptocurrency that powers the high-performance, smart-contract-enabled Fantom blockchain, has been rallying hard in the last few days. FTM was last changing hands in the $0.57s, back above its 21-Day Moving Average at $0.52 and up around 40% versus recent lows around $0.41, with the cryptocurrency benefitting from buying pressure after it found strong support at the summer 2022 high. Fantom is currently sitting on gains of around 180% this year, dwarfing Bitcoin’s gains of roughly 50%. Bulls are targeting an imminent retest of recent highs in the $0.65 area, a break above which could open the door to a run higher towards $1.0 per token.

Rise In New Investors

The surge in Fantom’s price since the beginning of the year has been aided by a massive influx of new investors according to crypto analytics firm Santiment. This has resulted in a big shift in distribution away from larger shark and whale wallets (which hold 10,000 to 100 million tokens) towards micro addresses which hold 0.01 to 1 tokens – 41% fewer large wallets compared with 53% more small ones respectively over recent weeks.

Presales for Altcoins

Investing in presales for promising altcoins like Fantom bodes well for less known tokens from up-and-coming projects too – giving potential returns earlier than if you had waited for public listings or trading options alone. One such example is Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), an upcoming mobile web3 gaming ecosystem which will use non fungible tokens (NFTs) allowing community members to earn rewards as well as stake and trade within their platform games when they come online later this year; starting with their first game ‚Meta Karts Racers‘.

MEMAG Token Presale

Meta Masters Guild is currently running its MEMAG token presale with only 1 day left until it closes – meaning there’s still time yet to join if you want be part of this exclusive clan where you can earn while gaming!


It looks like 2021 could be another great year for cryptocurrencies and altcoins – especially those that have seen some early success and now have presales available such as MEMAG or those already making huge strides forward like Fantom! With so many exciting projects out there at different stages it’s definitely worth doing your own research into any coin or token before investing – but if done wisely there’s never been a better time for investing into Cryptocurrency!