Microsoft’s Brad Smith Calls for AI Regulation: ‚Government Needs to Move Faster‘

• Microsoft President Brad Smith is calling on governments to regulate AI and take a more active role in its development.
• Microsoft announced its “5-point blueprint for governing AI”, emphasizing the need for collaboration between public and private sectors.
• Smith suggested that companies working on advanced AI models should be required to obtain a license, and share results with the government.

Microsoft Calls For Government Regulation of AI

Microsoft President Brad Smith has called on governments to step up their regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). At a panel discussion in Washington D.C., Smith said that AI could be “the most consequential” technological change of our lifetime, and that governments must learn how to control it. To this end, he announced Microsoft’s “5-point blueprint for governing AI” which aims to bring together the public and private sectors. He also suggested that companies working on advanced AI models should be required to obtain a license from the government and report any unexpected issues that arise during operation.

Microsoft’s 5 Point Blueprint For Governing AI

In order to ensure that AI serves all society, Microsoft has proposed a 5 point blueprint policy:
1. Collaboration between public and private sectors
2. Education about best practices
3. Responsibility towards stakeholders
4. Transparency regarding data collection & usage
5. Enforcement & accountability for mistakes

Open Letter From Industry Insiders

In March, over 1,100 industry insiders signed an open letter asking governments to pause giant experiments using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The experts argued that such systems can pose “profound risks” if not regulated properly, and asked for all labs engaging in powerful experiments like GPT-4 to pause operations for at least 6 months until further regulations are put into place by various governments around the world .

Microsoft’s Investment In OpenAI

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI – ChatGPT maker – as well as integrating ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. This investment further emphasizes the company’s commitment towards responsible governance of Artificial Intelligence technologies worldwide .


It is clear that regulating Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important as it advances rapidly over time . Governments around the world must now move quickly to ensure they are able stay ahead of developments in this area , while also relying on collaboration between public and private sector organizations to make sure these technologies serve all society responsibly .