Revolutionize Crypto Trading with AI: yPredict Raises $2 Million

• yPredict is an AI-driven crypto trading platform that recently raised $2 million in its ongoing presale.
• The platform utilizes AI to provide retail traders with comprehensive data analytics and high-tech tools such as signals, breakouts, pattern recognition and sentiment analysis.
• Its native token, $YPRED, allows holders to access premium features and rewards them with 10% of the fees.

AI-Driven Crypto Trading Platform yPredict Raises $2 Million

yPredict is a cutting-edge AI-driven crypto trading platform that recently managed to amass an impressive $2 million so far in the ongoing presale, catapulting towards a staggering $2.9 million goal.

Comprehensive Data Analytics for Retail Traders

The innovative genius of yPredict lies in their masterful fusion of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency trading. Developed by elite Machine Learning minds, the platform employs AI for comprehensive data analytics, granting retail traders invaluable insights into emerging crypto assets. This strategic foresight allows traders to spot trends early on, enabling them to make tactical moves that maximize their ROI.

High Tech Tools for Improved Trading Performance

But yPredict’s AI prowess doesn’t stop at predictions – it also provides a suite of high-tech tools, such as signals, breakouts, pattern recognition, and sentiment analysis from social/news sources, all in real-time. Plus, it creates a decentralized marketplace for AI trading models where experts can generate recurring revenue by offering their model predictions or data research as trading signals.

Native Token: Powering a Versatile Crypto Trading Ecosystem

$YPRED is yPredict’s native token issued on the Polygon blockchain serves as the engine powering the platform. Token holders gain access to premium features through a subscription paid in $YPRED tokens. This not only ensures a continuous source of buy pressure but also rewards token holders with 10% of the fees; thereby motivating sustained investment and reducing sell pressure in the market.